Abbreviation For Thousands, Millions, Billions, & Trillion?

What is the Abbreviation for Million?

This page is all about the acronym of MIO and its meanings as Million. Please note that Million is not the only meaning of MIO.

Since then, I have spelled million because it seems as though the opportunity for confusing readers is pretty high. Donna Svei, an executive resume writer and former C-level executive, retained search consultant, and CPA, authors all of AvidCareerist’s posts. A single “M” can mean either thousand or million. You want your business writing to be clear, not confusing. Spell “million” and “thousand.” Don’t try to abbreviate them. Review a few examples of sentences that feature common abbreviations for billion.

British Dictionary Definitions For Million

You’ll find that it’s mainly used in the energy sector, but it otherwise doesn’t get recognized. If you’re talking about money then ‘m’ is pretty much standard.

What is the Abbreviation for Million?

Rather than writing $1,000,000, one can simply write $1M for one million dollars. $5,000,000,000, or five billion dollars, is therefore $5B. Finally, $10,000,000,000, or ten trillion dollars, is $10T. This kind of abbreviation is What is the Abbreviation for Million? particularly useful for more complicated numbers that contain decimals. For example, $1,700,000 can be represented as $1.7M. The word “million” is not a commonly abbreviated word, but its abbreviations still have their place.

The Most Common Abbreviation For «million»

These abbreviations for m million years make a reference frame, one to a quantity, the other to a particular place in a year-numbering system ( that’s time before the present). This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution.

What is the Abbreviation for Million?

And if you have enough space, just write the million in full and avoid using abbreviations. In the above image example, we purposely chose a piece of accounting analysis that comprised two different units, which are dollars and shares. How MM is derivedThe MM is also widely used in the oil and gas sector; it means “a thousand thousands” which is the abbreviation for million.

Example Sentences With Million Abbreviations

The word “million” is most often used in reference to money, but is also frequently used in exaggeration. The word “million” can be paired with the suffix “-aire” to form the word millionaire which indicates an individual with a million or more dollars. If you’re confused about the letter designations that stand for thousands and millions, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s one of our most frequently asked questions. Here’s why you’re confused and what to do about it.

One million , or one thousand thousand, is the natural number following 999,999 and preceding 1,000,001. The word is derived from the early Italian millione , from mille, «thousand», plus the augmentative suffix -one.

  • Such measures are a step forward, but fall short of covering the tens of millions of unemployed workers.
  • This will ensure that you will not put a hitch in the structure or flow of your work.
  • M for thousands and MM for millions would only ever be used in a context where the audience is proficient with financial jargon.
  • For example, to write the number 5000, you can write it as 5k instead.
  • Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app.

While in energy, 2 million watts is abbreviated to 1MW or . That is why you will often see in memory card 2,000 bytes as 2kb , 2 million bytes will be abbreviated as 2MB . In photographs, 2 million pixels will be abbreviated as 2MP . This means that MM is the value of M multiplied by M ,” which is equal to 1,000,000 . The below diagram explains how the abbreviation is derived, as well as other symbols that are used in practice.

Word Origin For Million

In US English, the only times I see «thousand» shortened to «k» are either in informal writing or in (often business-related) charts, and it’s only in the context of being alongside a number. That is to say, you wouldn’t say «There were k’s of people in the streets protesting.» But, in informal writing, you might write «He made a $25K profit from selling his lake house.» I know I have seen jobs posted that pay $50K, and K is meant to stand in for thousand. And you would be correct, thanks to the Greeks. K comes from the Greek word kilo which means a thousand.

  • You wouldn’t normally say there are 7 gigapeople on the planet, you’d say there are 7 billion people .
  • While news headlines as distinct from stories in the business section, the press always writes million and billion in full.
  • As a group of experienced English writers, we enjoy sharing our knowledge in a language that everyone is able to understand.
  • Think of your memory card sizes of kilobyte, megabyte, and gigabyte.
  • There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.
  • Those rates are expressed per thousand and the MM denotes millions.
  • When preparing account analysis or account statements, accountants will typically write a statement at the top of the income balance sheet stating the kind of numeral figure used.

It is recommended that should not use abbreviations in academic or official writing. You can only use abbreviations in mathematics, physics, or science equations.

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And after reading this post, I think your advice to avoid abbreviating million is worth taking. Spelling million, billion, and trillion out helps non-financial readers understand the resume more easily. However, someone in a different country (I’m in the US) or a particular industry might interpret it differently. Here’s the problem with that strategy though…in certain professions, such as online advertising, you’ll look like a complete idiot if you don’t use M and MM. In those cases, I think you ought to write for your hiring manager rather than the recruiter.

Yes, you can spell it out, but there sometimes isn’t room, especially in tables. I will say though, in the vast majority of cases, the context makes it clear that you’re talking about millions. So it’s not for lack of clarity, I just want to know if there is a definitive answer for this. The abbreviation for millions in the UK is usually different.

The Roman numeral for million is M with a line over it. I have to research how many bil in assets our company’s competitors are currently holding. 1 million watts abbreviates to 1MW or “megawatt” and in geology, one million years ago is often abbreviated to “1 mya”. 1 million bytes will be abbreviated as 1MB or one megabyte. 1 million pixels in a photo camera will be referred to as 1 Megapixel. I have asked my children a million times to clean their rooms.

You can also use the abbreviation “mil” in casual conversation. You might hear something along the lines of “He dropped a couple mil on a new car,” or perhaps “How many mils is that house? ” This abbreviation works for both spoken and written dialogue, and is easily recognizable. Territory includes Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska, California, and Utah. Darrel has over 30 years of proven success and is skilled in developing relationships with internal and external stakeholders to drive superior business results. At Old Republic Surety we seek to deliver you transparency and clarity in our communications.

What is the Abbreviation for Million?

When they see $1M, many readers have no idea if the writer means $1,000 or $1 million. That’s a considerable difference ($999,000, to be exact). For example, I asked Google for guidance on how to abbreviate millionhere and got a page full of conflicting search results. To add to the potential for misunderstanding, MM is not the Roman numeral for million.

If you’re talking about scientific measurement then it’s ‘M’. Other than this thread, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen ‘MM’ used for ‘million’. There was a useful thread about this quite recently. If you type the word into Dictionary Look-Up at the top of the page (‘English definition’) you often find on the definition page that the question has been asked before. The meaning of the word «million» is common to the short scale and long scale numbering systems, unlike the larger numbers, which have different names in the two systems.

Thank you for always giving great insight into important topics Donna! Candidly, for my resume clients who are lawyers and hybrids , I use M for million, and K for thousand. It is mostly to save space and for easy readership. I really appreciated the insight and comments from others. In the US banking industry, using M as an abbreviation for thousand and MM for a million is standard . Using M for million in that industry could be misleading.

We are more likely to see a headline that reads the government spent $60B on a new project. B for billion isn’t Greek or Roman; it is just the first letter of the word billion.